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Selling a home in a competitive market is a difficult undertaking. So, it is critical to prepare your home for sale. There are a variety of techniques, but the perfect one would not only ensure that your property sells faster, but it will also potentially increase its worth. To help you feel more confident to sell your home fast in the housing market in Tucson, here are the tips.

Three-Step Formula For Selling Your Home Faster


The way we live in our homes is very different from the way we stage our home for sale. Get rid of anything that’s not absolutely essential for life prior to your move. Either put it in storage or throw it away, but the goal is to make your home look “barely lived-in” so the Buyers can imagine moving their things in. Put essentials (dish soap, sponges, etc) in a basket that can be stored under your sink during showings for that spacious clean counter look.

De Clutter


Hire a home inspector to do an inspection prior to listing to sell your home. This will help prevent nasty surprises later on and will give you a chance to correct any major problems before buyers do their own inspections.

Home Inspection

Make repairs

Seriously, make all repairs needed, even minor ones. To sell your home faster, it should be in excellent shape. It also attracts more money than a home that needs work, even if the work is minor and you offer an allowance to cover it. Most buyers estimate repairs to cost about 3 times their actual cost and want to offer that much less for the home. So make the investment in repairing all the little things so that buyers will be competing to make offers for your home rather than trying to negotiate the price down. If you don’t have a big budget, we also have some ideas for home staging on a budget.

Make Repairs

This is your part. Now the role of your realty agent is to take over from here and do quality marketing with specific targeting of the buyers who are right for your home. Want to learn more about that? Click to learn about how your agent should market your home.

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