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Have you decluttered, cleaned, repaired, staged and then cleaned your home again in preparation to list? If so, you are probably excited to get your home on the market and should expect that your real estate agent will take over and formulate a marketing strategy that will expose your property to the right buyers to facilitate a fast sale.

Different agents market their listings differently and, in order to be effective, an agent should take into consideration the location, price range, and features of your current home in addition to the expected demographics of the people likely to move there. This allows for very targeted marketing in addition to the general marketing that would be done for every home.

Professional photos

Depending on your market and the price point of your listing, you should reasonably expect your agent to hire a professional photographer to showcase your home properly. In the Tucson real estate market, I hire a professional for every home listed at $250,000 or above and on homes that are priced lower but difficult to photograph due to lighting, etc. See my article on why photos are crucial to selling your home.


If your home is cleaned and staged properly then video can do wonders for a potential Buyer. It helps the person get a general idea of the flow from room to room and will help channel the right Buyers to come see your home for sale. In my practice, the only caveat is that if you haven’t decluttered and we are moving things from room to room while taking photos, then video will not be as effective. But if you’ve decluttered and at least lightly staged the home, then video is a powerful tool to sell your home.


Matterport is an incredible way to give potential buyers a 3D look at your home. Many agents don’t use Matterport or use it very sparingly. I opt to showcase any home listed at $300,000 or above with Matterport. It allows the potential buyer to “walk through” the home virtually and gives them access to turn the picture to see a 360 degree look in any room. If someone is looking to retire or relocate to the Tucson area, they are usually many states away. This is a great way to extend your reach to as many buyers as possible, especially if we do targeted marketing to the areas where we expect your buyers to be currently located. Even for local Tucson buyers, this is a great tool. It allows them to see your home ahead of time so that the buyers who choose to request a showing are already very interested.

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