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Will you need an attorney to buy or sell a house? In Arizona, an attorney is not required to be part of a real estate transaction. Real estate licensees are legally allowed to write contracts as part of their representation of clients. However, agents are NOT allowed to give legal advice. An agent can explain the contract, negotiate on your behalf, and advocate for your best interests. However, you may have a legal question or need legal advice pertaining to your transaction. If this happens, the agent will recommend that you need an attorney.

If you are working with a REALTOR here in Tucson, your contract will be written on the AAR (Arizona Association of Realtors) Residential Purchase Contract. This contract will be thoroughly reviewed by very experienced agents, brokers and by attorneys both at its inception and any time changes have been made. Because of this, it is a sound document that functions well to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers during a real estate transaction.

However, there are places in the contract where it will be more “fill in the blank” style. Options can be selected and your agent will write in terms that aren’t in the boilerplate language of the contract. If you are working with an experienced and reputable agent, you are likely to be represented quite well. If you are ever uncertain or need legal advice, though, you may need an attorney.


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