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What is GVR?

GVR stands for Green Valley Recreation which is a non-profit organization that manages recreation centers throughout Green Valley. Membership is available to most, but not all residents of Green Valley.

GVR membership is a deed restriction, meaning any property in Green Valley is either required to hold a membership or not allowed to. There is no way to cancel membership or decline membership when purchasing a property with the GVR membership deed restriction.

It is possible, however, to get membership after purchasing property that does not hold the deed restriction. To do so, the property owner must agree to deed restrict the property and pay the initial fee and pro-rated dues. The following chart displays membership fees as of 2019 from the GVR membership page. You can always access the most current information by visiting the Green Valley Recreation membership page.

The benefits that GVR members have access to are fitness centers supplied with state-of-the-art equipment, sports facilities (racquetball, tennis, swimming, shuffleboard, bocce, billiards, horseshoes, table tennis, pickleball, and volleyball), hiking groups, sports courts, heated pools and spas, and over 60 clubs including arts and crafts, cards and games, dance, social, and special interest clubs.
For more information, visit the Green Valley Recreation website.


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